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Layout Construction Photos - Electrical and Electronics

Most everything of an electrical or electronics nature will be documented on this page.  The layout will utilize a Digital Command Control (DCC) system.  I've located and constructed a backboard and shelf for each of the three booster districts that the layout will have.  I'll open things here with the initial wiring for booster district no. 2, which will contain the command station and a booster.

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8/11/13:  A close-up view of the wiring station located under the City of Willis.  This is booster district no. 2. 8/3/14:  The tower in the foreground supports two infrared-LEDs used to illuminate the photo- transistors in the track. 8/3/14:  Here's one of the single IR-LED towers located on the far staging track seen in the previous photo. 8/3/14:  Here's a triple IR-LED support tower.  This is located down near the end of these three staging tracks.

8/3/14:  This view from the other direction and at a lower angle shows the IR-LEDs protruding below the support plate.

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