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Layout Construction Photos - Miscellaneous

The photos below document various features and construction that doesn't fit into other categories.  I'll start off with a couple photos of the lift-up section at Monterey.  I needed this to be able to access the far corner of the layout where the wye is situated.  Who knows what else will eventually make it's way to this page?

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5/11/14:  Here's the new lift-up section at Monterey.  Where is it, you say?  Why it's right there under the boxcar. 5/11/14:  And here's the new lift-up section raised up.  This lift-up is necessary to gain access to that far corner area. 7/12/14:  Another view of the new lift-up section at Monterey.  I've already used it while painting the Homasote tabletop. 1/5/15:  I've started putting up some of the layout fascia along the mainline between Willis and Maynard.

1/5/15:  Panning left a bit, the fascia extends up through Maynard.  Those "panels" are merely photo- copies on the fascia.

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