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Layout Construction Photos - the Backdrop

We're at the beginning of construction here with these photos of the basic backdrop finish.  I've painted the sky directly onto the drywall, and then spray painted some clouds over that.  Later during the scenery phases of construction, I'll go back to the backdrop to add hills, trees and whatever else I think will enhance the scene.

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July 10, 2012

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View of the wall where the Town of Whitcomb, and the logging branch will be located. In this view, we're looking toward the City of Willis. The Illinois Central will run along this wall.
Here's a little closer view of the logging branch.  There will be a switch back featured here. And finally, we've panned to the area of Monterey. This is the southernmost (west) end of the line.

Here are a couple of close up photos.  I tried to capture a typical Louisiana summer afternoon with cloud banks forming in the distance.
The blue color was the mix suggested by John Lowrance of New London Industries: Sherwin-Williams Bonnet Blue.
The clouds were created using Krylon flat white spray paint in conjunction with the stencils produced by New London Industries.
And one final view of the newly painted valence. The hazy effect was produced by generous over spraying of the area, holding the spray paint can about a foot away.

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