Washington & Western #72

Steam locomotive #72 has quite a storied history behind it. A product of the American Locomotive Company in 1914, the 4-6-0 steamer saw it’s first service on the New Orleans Great Northern Railroad as their #72. The line eventually became controlled by the Gulf, Mobile & Northern, which later itself merged with the Mobile & Ohio Railroad to create the Gulf, Mobile & Ohio. She continued to serve as #72 during those years. When the GM&O began dieselizing, the locomotive was sold in 1946 to the Gaylord Container Company in Bogalusa, Louisiana. In 1960, she found her final duty at the Washington & Western, operating in gravel pit service for the Green Brothers at their pit near Franklinton, Louisiana.

Today she rests at the Washington Parish Fairgrounds in Franklinton, where she is displayed under a shed roof wearing her GM&N paint.

The photo below was captured by Rick Boutall probably in early 1964. I understand that she was retired from active service later that year.

W&W 4-6-0 Loco #72

2 thoughts on “Washington & Western #72

  1. Great History of our past! Thanks.
    Not sure if your kitbash many Diesel Engines. But reread an early Railroad Model craftsman issue Nov. 1973 about KATY sending off one of the FA1’s to E.M.D. to refit with a prime mover.
    If I can find in my box of engines to be rebuilt and updated any ALCO PA or FA. Should have a F7 shell to steal some of the roof parts. But than it will be on the back burner for awhile. Got lots ahead of that project!
    Sad to admit, I have around 50 engines of many kinds and brands. Remember the BL-s? Got one.
    later,, thanks again.
    Boudreaux, B.C.E. Railroad

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