A Mystery Heisler

Here are a couple more photos given to me by Rick Boutall back in the mid sixties.  I need help on these, as I have no information about this locomotive.  This Heisler was likely photographed in 1964 or 1965 (based on the “65” imprinted on the right edge of the photo borders), and the backs are stamped with Rick’s typical property stamp.  But beyond that, nothing!

Mystery Heisler #5 - 1

She’s obviously “hot” as small wisps of steam can be seen around the steam chest.  There are very faint traces of the previous owner’s name above the five on the tank, but I’m not able to discern the markings.  The scene is very typical of southern Louisiana, but of course I have no way of knowing if this is even the general location.

Mystery Heisler #5 - 2

Soooo . . . if you have any idea to whom and where this beautiful beast belongs, I’d love to hear about it.

Edit:  The mystery has been solved!  This is Chicago Mill and Lumber Company #5, and the location is Tallulah, Louisiana.  Thanks, and a hat tip to David Price.


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