The WSP 0-6-2T #1

The Westfield Sugar Plantation Railroad’s #1 was an 0-6-2T coal burning steamer.  She was used during the fall sugar cane season on the Westfield plantation in Paincourtville, Louisiana.  These images were captured by Rick Boutall on November 1, 1963 as she was chuffing around the fields.

WSP RR #1 0-6-2T Loco - 2

The Westfield plantation was owned by Dugas & LeBlanc, Ltd.  Their little steamer was built by Porter in 1897 as c/n 1791, and she boasted 7″x14″ cylinders, and 24″ drivers.  She ran on 30″ gauge track, used link & pin couplers and had no brakes.

WSP RR #1 0-6-2T Loco - 1

Note the brakeman riding on the footboard.  Scenes like this were common among many of the sugar plantations in Louisiana many years ago.

Collection of Jack Shall

2 thoughts on “The WSP 0-6-2T #1

  1. So cute,, thanks Jack
    You would think they could use an old Shrimp boat anchor to slow it down.
    was not aware we had ANY narrow gauge in LA. at all.
    Oklahoma has a very rich link to many Railroads passing over it too.
    later,, gator,, Boudreaux
    Chief bank officer and property MGR. Bayou Crest Express R.R.

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