Illinois Central, South of Chicago

This is my favorite photograph depicting the Illinois Central Railroad.  I first saw this image on the cover of an I.C. annual report that was given me when I was a kid.  It’s since been featured in quite of a bit of the company’s literature.

The scene is somewhere south of Chicago, and one of their handsome chocolate and orange stream-liners is featured at left, along with two coal trains at right, with steam power no less!

IC Trains South of Chicago

3 thoughts on “Illinois Central, South of Chicago

  1. Got a powered and dummy set of IHC or AHM C-Liners at a train show here in OKC some yrs ago. One set is Illinois Central and a Uncle Pete set.
    Have repainted one for KCS. Not really sure if KCS ran any ,, oh well!
    Still want to save one of the I.C.’s.
    Thanks, Boudreaux, Bayou Crest Express R.R.

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