1970s Memories II

The second in this series of photographs, this scene is at the old Yazoo and Mississippi Valley Railroad station located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana right next to the Mississippi River levee.  The Y&MV was a subsidiary of the Illinois Central Railroad until merged into the IC in the late 1940s.  After the demise of rail passenger service to Baton Rouge, the building changed ownership and became the Louisiana Art and Science Museum.

This is the scene on the north end of the depot under the covered platform.  A glimpse of the “new” Mississippi River bridge can be seen in the background.

LASM Building in Baton Rouge, Louisiana


2 thoughts on “1970s Memories II

  1. Thanks Jack,, I have a Jordan kit #360-301. This picture gives me an idea of making mine like the photo you have.
    Sad to hear that Highway Miniatures will not be produced any more.
    Got a few of the kits from Train Shows here in okc and Plano, TX.
    Glad I did!
    late gator,,Boudreaux

    • Boudreaux, get the old kits while you can. The smaller companies seem to be dropping like flies these days. Just a few weeks ago Grandt Line announced that they’re closing this year. Many of these companies are owned by folks getting up in years (like me) and they are ready to retire.


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