More Photo Proof as Promised

A few days ago I posted some photos taken of new construction in Whitcomb, located near the Spencer Lumber Company’s logging operation.  I ended by promising to post a few pics of the Oneida area located on the peninsula at the opposite side of the aisle.  Well, here they are:

Entering Oneida from the East
Here’s an overall view of the second peninsula taken from the alcove.  This is the last major benchwork section on the layout.  The area you’re viewing is the town of Oneida.  The narrow roadbed in the foreground is where a Pratt truss bridge will be located, with the riverbed below.

Site of Bridge Over Little River
Looking back at the (future) Pratt truss bridge which will be spanning the Little River.  There will be a sand and gravel pit operation to the left near the river flowing across the layout. Just to the left of this view the Spencer mainline will split from the joint trackage that crosses the river.

Spencer Mill Site
Panning even further to the left, the area that will contain the crude oil shipping point is at center.  The Spencer Lumber Company mill complex is seen down at the end.  The roadbed meandering at the far right is the Spencer mainline heading toward the mill.

I will be shifting to trackwork soon as I’m getting ahead of myself with all this benchwork.  I will need to put one more short piece of sub-roadbed down at the west end of Oneida (from the stub at top left of the above picture).  This is so I can have some working room ahead of the mainline switch leading into the passing siding that starts as the mainline enters town.  Leaving Oneida, the track will make the hairpin turn at the end of the orb, then head back down on the other side of the peninsula toward the room entry.  From there, it will turn left, then pass across the doorway (over a lift-up bridge) to connect with the town of Monterey (the end of the line).  And that, my friends, will complete the mainline!

As I mentioned earlier, if you’d like to see more photos, you’re invited to visit the photo section of the website: Whitcomb and Oneida.  And you can find the track plan here.


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