Dressing Up

I had mentioned a few weeks ago that I’d post some photos of the new fascia being installed on the layout.  However, progress had come to an abrupt halt as available time to work on the fascia coincided with rain.  I do all my cutting outside these days to avoid sawdust collecting in the train room.  Yesterday however, the sun was out and Wayne came over for a short work session.  We knocked out another section of the fascia, giving a total of about 22 installed feet now.  We’ll put in one last eight foot length next weekend (weather permitting), and that will do it for a while.  The balance of benchwork has track switches and plenty of under table work remaining.  Fascia there would just be in the way.

Fascia Nearing Maynard
What a difference even this unpainted Masonite makes!  I won’t be painting it for a while though, as I’d like to get some of the hole cutting (for panels and throttle plug-ins) done first.

Fascia at Maynard
Panning left a bit from the previous view, the fascia extends up through Maynard.  Those “panels” you see are just mock-ups for me to study.  They’re merely photocopies taped to the fascia.  I haven’t decided yet whether to recess the panels, or just surface mount them.  Since I’m close to needing some now, I suppose I’d best make the decision soon.  I’m also mulling over what color I’ll be using for the fascia.  I’m leaning toward a dark greenish-grey, but nothing is off the table yet (except flat black).


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