Who is Professor Klyzlr?

I’ve had a couple folks drop an email asking who on earth is Professor Klyzlr?

The Prof is an Aussie named John Dimitrievich, from the South Coast of NSW, Australia.  He took the pen name of Professor Klyzlr some years ago; his explanation of the name: “think Climax and Heisler and you’ll get it”.

And for those not familiar with “Climax and Heisler”, these were the two leading types of geared steam locomotives that competed with the Shay geared locomotive.

Professor Klyzlr is quite well known in Australian for his modeling efforts, with diminutive narrow gauge equipment his specialty.  He is a prolific author, and his name is becoming quite common on this side of the world because of his knowledge and willingness to share in detail those skills, his thoughts and suggestions.


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