Fascia Anyone?

I need to be thinking about putting up parts of the fascia around the layout.  The fascia will be much more than just a nice piece of trim on the layout’s edge.  It will be supporting the various control panels, throttle plug-ins, beverage holders and various appurtenances as I may think of in the future.

But I can’t reasonably start any type of train operation until I get at least a few panels installed and a hand full of the throttle plug-ins.  Thus, I need some fascia.

The fascia will average 8″ in height, the top undulating to match the terrain and elevation at any given location…pretty standard fare.  I plan to use Masonite hardboard for the fascia, and have been thinking of laminating two 1/8″ thick panels together.  My reasons for this two-ply configuration are twofold: I think working 1/8″ material around a tight radius will be much easier than using 1/4″, and the two plies should give me the rigidity of a single 1/4″ panel.

My general plan is to screw the first panel to support blocking on the benchwork.  Then I’ll come back and glue the second panel to the first using yellow carpenter’s glue.  Clamping the panels together until the glue sets is a bit problematic.  I’ll be able to clamp along the bottom of the fascia, but will probably have to use some screws along the top to clamp that.  The downside to that would be having to remove the screws and fill all those holes afterwards if I wish to keep the fascia “clean”.

I’d love to hear from you folks out there if you have other ideas or suggestions as to how I might accomplish this task.  It would be good having alternatives to think about.  Any thoughts would be welcome, everything from materials to methods.


3 thoughts on “Fascia Anyone?

  1. Jack,

    I was thinking that maybe you could take some pieces of lumber or metal about 1-1 1/2 inches wide and maybe 7-7 1/2 inches long. Two pieces for each clamp you plan to use. Once the back piece of Masonite is up, glue the front piece and place the pieces of board or metal one either side of the two pieces of Masonite and use the clamp to hold the wood or metal pieces tight against the facia until the glue dries. The pieces of wood/metal should hold the two pieces of Masonite together.

    George Simmons
    Dry Prong, LA

  2. Hi George,

    Been awhile since we spoke (or wrote).

    If I’m understanding your idea correctly, you’re saying to use the metal strips basically as extensions of the clamp’s jaws? That is, the metal strips are between the clamp and the Masonite panels (on each side), therefore increasing the effective jaw area to the length and width of the metal strips?

    I’ll have to look into that. I think for it to work the metal strips will have to be pretty beefy so they don’t flex when clamped down on.

    Any chance of seeing you at the next session on the Attighany Sub?


    • Jack,

      Yes use the metal strips as extensions of the clamps jaws, should hold the Masonite together while drying.

      Unfortunately, I was not able to arrange to have the day off to make the next session on the Attighany Sub. Hopefully, I will be able to make one in the future.


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