Monterey Yard Sub-roadbed Complete (and other things)

Things have been pretty busy around the Louisiana Central these past weeks.  Since completing the lift-up access section a few weeks ago, I’ve gotten the remainder of the sub-roadbed down for the yard at Monterey.  This completes the benchwork along the east wall of the building and represents about three-fifths of the total area of layout.  The west wall and the second of the two peninsulas will not have so much “table top” sub-roadbed, but will be heavy in the single track variety as this is where much of the mainline is located.

This past weekend, Wayne and I mocked up the Spencer Lumber Company’s line up into the woods.  This is the trackage that will be over (and will conceal) the three track staging yard along the west wall of the layout.  I’ve had concerns over the accessibility of these tracks since the day I started construction.  The track will be reachable from below the benchwork, but not easily visible.  I’m hoping that the crude mock-up we’ve erected will enable me to study the concept satisfactorily, and to make the decision to go with it or not.

Next weekend I’m expecting a visit from a fellow hobbyist from Florida.  I had planned to clean and straighten up around the layout in anticipation of his visit, however, lack of time will likely kill that plan…hope he understands.  I also need to take some time to visit the library that is currently hosting an exhibition of photographs taken by local photographer Forrest Becht.  Forrest takes images of many things, but railroads are his specialty and I always enjoy viewing his work.

There’s a fellow up in Canada, Trevor Marshall, that is building an S scale pike based on a Canadian National branchline set back in the 1950s.  I believe I’ve mentioned him before in this blog.  Anyway, Trevor maintains a blog chronicling the construction and operation of his mini-empire, along with other little tidbits about what’s going on in his world.  I really admire Trevor’s approach to the hobby and many of the things he does to model the CN branch and to enhance his operations.  I also enjoy his writing style and the variety of topics he rambles about.  If you’d like to give his blog a look-see, you’ll find it here: Port Rowan in S Scale.  To quote Trevor, “Enjoy if you visit“.


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