Train Day at the Library

This upcoming Saturday, January 18th, will see the second annual Train Day at the Library event over in Baton Rouge.  The main features of the event are the numerous railroading slide presentations.  There will be a number of other displays hosted by a couple local model railroad clubs, the Southeast Louisiana chapter of the NRHS, a few individuals and of course, the Operation Lifesaver display presented by a couple of the railroads in the area.  The event will be at the Jones Creek branch of the library, located at 6222 Jones Creek Road in Baton Rouge.  The show opens at 10:00 am and runs until about 4:00 pm.  Hope to see a few of y’all there!

A bit more progress has ensued on the layout.  I have the infrared LEDs installed and wired up at Monterey (these are the light sources for the optical detectors recently installed).  The final track bus run for the second booster district has been installed and connected, leaving only the third (and final) booster district to wire.  I even got a start on the trackwork at the east end of the Willis yard and hope to continue that next weekend.

As most of you folks reading this know, Lou Schultz is still struggling with his foot issue, along with low oxygen levels.  I miss going over to his place for the operating sessions, and seeing him and the other guys in the group.  Please keep Lou in your prayers for his recovery.

And finally, there is a fellow up in Canada that is building a nice layout which he calls the Port Rowan.  It’s a model of a Canadian National branch line set in the 1050s.  Trevor Marshall is his name and he regularly posts updates with photos, along with other trivia to his blog.  I admire his modeling skills and find his blog entertaining, so I thought I’d pass along the link:  Port Rowan in S Scale .  Give it a look.


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