A New Look

As I think you’ve noticed, the home page here has a bit of a new look. The beautiful logging railroad scene is by Tony Howe, and is used here with his gracious permission. I think it really adds life to the blog, and I hope y’all enjoy it as well. Tony is a prolific rail artist and his work can be seen (and purchased) at his web site Tony Howe Railroad Art.  He and his cohort David Price also have a nice railroad historical website, Mississippi Rails.  Be sure to check it out (where you’ll also see the full version of the logging scene pictured above).

And as usual, my progress update: the layout is moving right along. The Willis yard peninsula is about 80% complete and the track will soon start going down there. The DCC bus wiring is complete for all areas constructed and those near completion. Wayne and I made another lumber run earlier in the week, and today we ripped enough joist, riser and cleat material to carry me for quite awhile.

I still haven’t posted any new photos on the web site, the last being taken in late May. But I really should take a break and shoot a few more. A good bit of work has been completed since the last pictures were posted.

Edit: some new pics have been posted on the website.  Click the link in the header to go there.


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